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Salsa Explosion at DW Sports Fitness

8-week Cuban Salsa dance course for beginners


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About Salsa Explosion at DW Sports Fitness

Enrique Perez is the creative force behind Salsa Explosion. An​ Award Winning Cuban Salsa Promoter, Teacher & Salsa UK Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. This course is ideal for those wanting to make their first steps in Cuban salsa, or for existing salsa dancers who would like to review the basics.

You will learn the fundamentals of Cuban Salsa and work on basic steps, body movement, body isolation, essential rhythm, leading/following, be introduced to proper posture, weight transfer, frame and connection, timing-The timing will connect your footwork and body movement with the music. and more.

The course is open to both men and women. Partners are not necessary as we rotate partners throughout the class.


Individual sessions can be attended, but the course will progress at a constant pace, and later in the course it will become more difficult to come back to the basic principles introduced at the beginning. It is therefore highly recommended that you make sure that the first two classes can be attended.


Shoes with leather soles or dance shoes are highly recommended. Rubber-soled shoes make it difficult to turn. Comfortable clothes are also suggested.

Why Buy?

  • 8-week salsa course with award winning instructor
  • Usually priced at £72 for just £38
  • Works out at less than £5 per class
  • The perfect place to meet new people and enjoy traditional Cuban Salsa
  • Perfect for absolute beginners to improvers
  • Location – DW Sports Fitness
  • Try something new and exciting today!
  • The perfect gift for friends & family

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The Fine Print

  • Course starts Tuesday 15 January 2019
  • All 8 sessions must be used by Tuesday 5th March 2019
  • Course runs every Tuesday at 7:30pm
  • Each class will last 1 hour 15 mins
  • Course is for beginners to improvers
  • The course runs for 8 weeks
  • Can purchase multiples as gifts
  • Shoes with leather soles or dance shoes are highly recommended
  • Comfortable clothes are also suggested
  • Individual sessions can be attended, but the course will progress at a constant pace

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